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Having a meal out

Although there is no restaurant in our village (apart from the pizza man selling freshly baked pizza in front of the church on Saturday nights), you will find a huge choice of restaurants not too far from our B&B.


There's a list of restaurants, addresses and phone numbers waiting for you in our garden chalet. You will also find further information and details on (restaurants).


Here's a first "taste":

- Tancarville (5 min.): La Marine (good French cuisine with a great view on the Tancarville Bridge and the river Seine), La Grillade (cosy little restaurant, French cuisine)

- Saint Romain de Colbosc (5 min.): Au petit bal perdu (excellent and innovative local French cuisine), Le Green (Pub-Pizzaria), Au Nom de Jésus (French traditional cuisine, menus from 12 Euros)

- Lillebonne (10 min.): L'Auberge (French cuisine)

- Oudalle (10 min.): Le Gabion d'Or (French cuisine)

- Gainneville (15 min.): Les Délices du Bonheur (Chinese)

-  Harfleur (15 min.): Andante (Restaurant on an old river boat)

- Etretat (25 min.): L'Huitrière (fish and seafood, great view on the cliffs), Le Donjon (very good restaurant with view on the sea), Dormy House (always a good choice)

- Le Havre (25 min.): Osaka (Japanese), L'Himalaya (Indian-Pakistani), L'Atlas (Maroccan), Le Carlo (Pizzaria at the beach), Les 3 Pics (French cuisine, right at the sea), Le Soleil dans l'Assiette (cosy little restaurant with good Mediterranean food), Tartarin (Michelin-star chef Tartarin's restaurant)

- Saint Jouin de Bruneval (25 min.): Le Belvédère (restaurant with a spectacular view, located right on top of the cliffs)


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